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Bank Details for Subscription:


South Indian Bank

Account Name: ICGVWA

A/C No: 0312053000001599

Chennai Industrial Finance Branch


(a)  Open to all retirees of Indian Coast Guard residing in India including those who have voluntarily came out even after one year of uniformed ICG service, Spouses of members are also eligible to participate in the activities of the Association. There will be two categories of Membership.

 (i)     Ordinary membership by paying Rs.1000/- p.a.  This can be revised by the General Body, if necessary as and time when come.

(ii)     Life Membership can be availed by paying of Rs.10000/- once, However, this requires to be renewed by paying Rs. 5000/- every after 15 years.

(iii)   The spouse/disabled children/widowed or divorced daughters  of a deceased life member will continue to be a life member of the Association provided they submit the requisite form whenever necessity raise even without paying any membership fee.

(iv)  In addition to subscription, an amount of Rs 500/- as one time admission fee shall be paid by the members while joining.

(iv) There will not be any subscription for spouse/nominee of deceased CG Sailors and Officers.  However, they will remain as Honorary members of our association for ever.

(v)  Those who retired earlier to Nov 2018 to pay subscription from 2018 onward irrespective of their year of joining.


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